Shortly after ringing in the the new year, 31-year-old Melissa Gormley discovered she was pregnant. She and her boyfriend Dave Good were both surprised by the news, but shock soon gave way to excitement as they prepared to welcome their baby. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was just the first bit of shock the couple would receive, as Gormley soon learned she had cancer.
After experiencing some bleeding at 14 weeks gestation and learning the same day they learned they were having a girl, Gormley headed back to the doctor. After eventually having a biopsy done, the doctor informed her she had cervical cancer.
“We were so excited and were finally over the shock of ‘we’re pregnant,’” Good told the Daily Local News. “We were finally starting to be like, ‘this is awesome, we’re going to be able to start our life together’ and then we get this news and we wondered, what does …