Like many of the women playing in the European Championships Nadia Nadim was introduced to football by her father, who brought home a ball when she was a little girl. The rest of her story, however, is unique, a tale of tragedy and triumph even Hollywood might balk at.
Nadim will play for Denmark today in the final of Euro 2017, against the Netherlands in Enschede. It is the biggest match of her life, but there is no danger of her losing perspective.
Denmark is Nadim’s adopted country. One of five sisters she was born and grew up in Afghanistan where her father, Rabani, was a general in the Afghan Army. When she was 10 the Taliban, who controlled the country, summoned her father to a meeting. He never returned. It was six months before her mother, Hamida, discovered he had been taken into the desert and executed.
Life for a family of six …