Barbara Bromley spins her son, Shawn, who has cerebral palsy, in his wheelchair on the dance floor during a summer concert in Tustin's Peppertree Park on Wednesday, August 3, 2017. Photo By Jeff Antenore, Contributing Photographer

No one will miss the annual concerts in Peppertree Park more than Shawn.
The Tustin resident loves nothing more than dancing to rock ‘n’ roll. He does the rocking and his mom does the rolling.
At every concert this summer, Barbara Bromley has pushed her 46-year-old son onto the stage in his wheelchair and spun him around from beginning to end. They barely take a break.
Shawn is severely disabled due to cerebral palsy and seizure disorder. Unable to speak, he can answer yes and no questions with hand gestures.
He also can demonstrate his passion for music and movement — beaming with ecstatic grins.
“Music is truly the universal language,” Bromley, 63, said.
Bromley became Shawn’s legal guardian when he was 18. (She requested that his last name not be published.) But she considered him hers eight years before that.
“This is my only child — my baby boy,” said the single mom.
Bromley met Shawn when …