This is the precious moment a primary school teacher is led down the aisle - by 20 of her pupils. See SWNS story SWTEACH; Marielle Slagel Keller, 25, invited her entire class to her wedding because she said the big day “wouldn’t feel right without them”. The girls donned white dresses and floated up the aisle carrying a garland while the boys trotted behind them, with one at the back clutching the precious rings. Marielle said the ceremony was “perfect”, even though some of the little ones shielded their eyes when she locked lips with new husband, medical student Mike, 26. The beaming bride, of Indianapolis, US, said: “It was magical. Having the children there was really special.

Well, this is lovely.
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25-year-old Marielle Slager Keller has been teaching for a few years, and she absolutely loves it.
So it only made sense to get her class involved in her wedding.
She could have just invited the students along to watch her tie the knot, but instead Marielle wanted to show them how important they truly are – by giving them the job of walking her down the aisle.
20 of Marielle’s students led her down the aisle to say her vows to her now-husband, medical student Mike.
The girls held a garland and wore matching white dresses, while the boys dressed up in white shirts and smart trousers. One of the students was even trusted with the rings.
They did a great job – even if a few of the kids shielded their eyes when Marielle and …