The brainchild of enterprising duo Ved and Chetana Roy, Karma Tips from Prasadam Industries are 100 percent organic, biodegradable and chemical free, handmade cigarette filter tips that release live seeds into the ground when disposed of.
Consider this. Over 4.5 trillion cigarette butts (about 6.9 billion pounds) litter the planet every year. Non-biodegradable cigarette filters are the biggest pollutants found in the ocean, far higher than plastic wrappers and beverage bottles, according to the Ocean Trash Index, Ocean Conservancy.
When you throw your cigarette butt away, it becomes litter. But what if this litter could offset some of the environmental damages caused? Hard to believe? Not really! What if we told you that there exist cigarettes with handmade filter tips with special seeds that sprout anywhere you throw them after use? So, you are not littering anymore, but planting trees.
‘Good karma for all’ seems to be the motivation behind the launch of …