Nobody showed up to Chace’s 5th birthday party
This is Chace. Who is Chace? I honestly have no idea, some kid in Calgary. He seems cool. Anyway, Chace was turning 5 and his family put together a pretty rad birthday party for him, including a bouncy castle, and sent out the usual invites. Chace, however, was lucky enough to have been born on the August long weekend. You can see where this is going.
Nobody showed up to his birthday party.
Because of this, Chace’s step mother made a decision to post on Facebook, asking anyone who wants to, to please drop by and help make his birthday awesome, and to share the post. Anyone is welcome!
She sent us a message right away, with a link to the post. We shared it within the first 5 minutes and luckily, Facebook’s algorithm did it’s thing and the post began to really take off. A …