Twane Turnage and Anthony Garner stood at the bottom of a bright orange ladder and carefully guided a solar panel with hooks and ropes attached along the ladder rails toward a pitched roof.
“Pull!” hollered Turnage, 18.
“Pull!” echoed Garner, 21.
Above them, their colleagues peered over the edge of the roof, pulling the rope on the rudimentary pulley system to haul the panel up while the ladder kept it from banging against the wall.
Over the next two hours, the team would repeat this process 20 times to transport all 20 solar panels onto the roof.
Turnage and Garner were two of five trainees who recently installed solar panels at the Woodland home of retiree Catherine Bennett, 78.
“I knew I needed a little help” with the electricity bill, said Bennett, who has lived in the house in Southeast Washington for 41 years. “This may help me some.”
Decked out in green hard hats, yellow T-shirts, …