Fans of the color white have had enough. On Reddit, they’re joining forces to resist the takeover of their color by racists.
You might say they’re throwing shades.
As the Daily Beast reports, trolls on Reddit have gotten fed up with the encroachment by right-wing extremists onto the site’s more mainstream areas. So they’ve taken over a few dormant white supremacist subreddits themselves — and filled them with topical debates about colors.
Reddit’s r/WhitePolitics and r/Whites subreddits have both been taken over and turned into havens of color discussion. For example: The link described as “why whites must be separated from blacks” above directs to an article on laundry sorting.
The takeover is part of an established trend among Reddit users to hijack or preemptively create pernicious subreddits and turn them benign. For instance, in the murky online world of white supremacism, the word “stormfront” refers to the largest online community of neo-Nazis. On …