(left to right) Joshua Galindo, 11, Ivan Angel-Galindo, 8, and Jennie Galindo, have been utilizing the facility since it opened a week ago. (Photo by Michael Kitada, Contributing Photographer)

A new shelter in Orange offers temporary housing for homeless families, with services and resources to help them stay off the streets.
The HomeAid Family CareCenter opened last week to great interest, with 40 residents brought in right away. The center can support a maximum of 56 people – roughly 10 to 15 families at a time.
Sitting in the shelter’s dining area, Jennie Galindo watched with a smile as her 8-and 10-year-old sons played a board game together.
Quality family time like this had been in short supply for the Galindos, who have been homeless since June. Now welcomed as one of the shelter’s first families, they can take a breather while Galindo focuses on finding employment and housing with help from staff.
“It’s great, it’s the best feeling in the world,” Galindo said. “Now we just see what the next step is for us – see what doors open up.”
The center was …