A Texas postal worker is filling more than just mailboxes — he’s just donated his 100th gallon of blood.
Marco Perez, 57, visits the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) every two weeks to donate blood.
The San Antonio man hit the triumphant mark in July, but officially celebrated his accomplishment on Aug. 2.
“He’s always answered the call to come in and donate,” Roger Ruiz, STBTC’s corporate communications specialist, told InsideEdition.com.
Perez, a U.S Airforce veteran, started donating blood when he was teenager after he was sent a postcard from a blood bank that sought volunteers.
“I went and tried it and I realized I can donate more,” Perez told InsideEdition.com.
Perez’s father told him his friend of 53 years, Tony Aguilar, donated his blood to Perez, who needed a blood transfusion to survive when he was a baby.
Ever since he heard the tale of the man who saved his life, Perez’s goal has been to donate blood …