AUBREY, Texas (CBS11) – An Aubrey mom caught a police officer on video doing something entirely unexpected after he told some kids hello on his car’s public address system.
“He was saying hi to them and stuff and then he left and came back and got out of the car,” said Misty McNabb who posted the video on her Facebook page.
“I started talking to them and they were going down the slide,” said Officer Ryan McLearen. “And I said, ‘How about me? You think I’d fit down there?’ And they were like, ‘no’.”
Officer McLearen took the kids’ challenge.
McLearen towered over the kids as he lumbered onto the playground equipment wearing his uniform and utility belt and wedged himself onto the slide.
The children began laughing excitedly.
“I try to go down the first time and my pistol got caught on it,” McLearen laughed. “And one of the kids said, ‘Your gun is stuck!’ …