Dog finds abandoned kittens in box

It’s a full dog house for Aragon.
The Grecian rescue pup was on a walk in Ymittos with his owner, when he caught the scent of something (or somethings!) cute and in need of a hero.
Following his nose, altruistic Aragon sniffed out a box of little black-and-white kittens abandoned and left to fend for themselves, reports Laughing Squid.
It was love at first lick for Aragon, who instantly fell muzzle over paws for the mewing orphans the moment he saw them.
Thankfully, the dog didn’t have to part with the pussycats. Aragon’s owner is a volunteer with the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS), so she knew just exactly what kind of care the kittens needed.
She brought the babies home, with Aragon keeping a close eye on the box throughout the trip, so she and Aragon could foster the bunch.
Well, Aragon is doing most of the work. Since the kittens arrived, he has …