In Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano National Park, a luxury resort has just opened a Sloth Sanctuary to protect the area’s most laid back residents.
At Nayara Springs and its sister retreat, Nayara Resort, Spa & Garden, guests can now watch out for sloths lazing in the property’s 300 new Cecropia trees (a favorite amongst the area’s abundant three-toed sloths).
The tropical tree is ideal for sloth-spotting, thanks to its open, sparse branches.
Since planting the trees on the resorts’ acres of gardens and rainforest, the resort’s sloth population has grown from just a pair to more than 15 sloths — seriously increasing your chances of seeing a few sloths during your stay.
“Nayara’s Nature Guides do complimentary walking tours throughout the property twice a week,” a representative told Travel + Leisure.
But you’ll likely see them hanging from the trees just by being there.
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