DFW AIRPORT — It was a reunion 47 years in the making. Newsfix first told you about Anthony Wiggs earlier in the week.
“I was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and my parents that adopted me were in the military at the time biological father dropped me off to social services where my Dad worked,” Wiggs told Newsfix on Tuesday. “My father that raised me called his supervisor and got permission to take me home.”
Anthony was looking to find out more about his biological family, but after some digging, he believed that his birth mother, Elsie Ramirez, had passed away a few years back.
Luckily, with help from Ancestry.com he found her alive and well.
Fast-forward to Friday at DFW airport. Anthony and his biological brother Ray were reunited with their mom.
“I am so happy,” Anthony said. “I am happy this happened. I am happy we found her. I feel happy we’re putting all of …