LOS ANGELES, CA — Researchers today are celebrating a rare LA wildlife survival story after a young mountain lion managed to make it across the treacherous 101 Freeway.
The young lion known as P-55 is only the fourth documented successful crossing of the 101 Freeway since the study began 15 years ago, in 2002. During that time, 17 lions were killed trying to cross the freeway. Early this year, a lioness was killed on the freeway, and in the following weeks, her kittens met the same fate.
The success of P-55 will have a major impact on Southern California’s mountain lion population because hemmed in lion populations tend to inbreed.
According to the National Park Service, “P-55, a subadult male who was recently collared in the western end of the Santa Monica Mountains, crossed the artery near Thousand Oaks last week soon after he was caught on video in …