A local organization is stepping up to help teachers struggling to make ends meet.
The average teacher spends approximately $500 of their own money on school supplies every year.
LP Pencil Box offers Metro teachers school supplies for free. Teachers are given a list of about 70 school supplies, worth about $250, that they can pick up twice a year. All of the supplies are donated.
LP Pencil Box opened its “store” in The Nations in 2006. Since then, the need for school supplies has grown astronomically.
In 2016, LP Pencil Box provided school supplies for 1,850 teachers. This year, the organization is on track to serve more than 3,200 teachers. 
Joel Wright, a former high school teacher, is currently running LP Pencil Box. Wright told News 4 that teachers are extremely grateful for the supplies. 
“I’ve had people absolutely just jump up and down over certain items and sometimes they’re random items. This year, somebody donated …