Aug. 10 (UPI) — An abandoned kitten found in a trash can in Greece was saved thanks to a mother dog that allowed the newborn cat to nurse.
A video recorded July 25 in Lamia shows the mother dog happily feeding the newborn feline after it was rescued from a neighborhood trash can.
The resident who filmed the video said the kitten did not appear to have any trouble nursing from the canine.
“This morning I went downstairs to take the trash out as I do everyday,” the filmer wrote. “When I opened the trash can, I saw a newborn kitten tied inside a bag, hopelessly ‘mewing’ for help due to some irresponsible being, who had abandoned it there for a tragic death. I took it out and the neighborhood dog that had just given birth kindly let it nurse. Nature fortunately made it so that animals are kinder compared to man.”
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