When things get tough, remember that there are still good people in this world.
Why isn’t a major fetish site allowing people to share photos of period blood?
People like Paul Steklenski, a 45-year-old pilot and former tank trainer who now runs an animal rescue charity, called Flying Fur Animal Rescue.
When he heard about Adrienne, a poorly dog who was set to be euthanised in 24 hours time, Paul stopped at nothing to save her life, flying 750 miles to rescue her in time.
Adrienne, two, had been taken off the streets and put in Granville County Animal Shelter, a kill shelter, after a suspected case of abuse had left her with a severe bladder prolapse.
She was scared, lonely, and in desperate need of surgery – which the shelter couldn’t afford.
‘She has faced a big trauma,’ said Animals R Family founder, Nicole Bruck, said.
‘The disturbing thing is that things like this are …