When Wanda was found abandoned in a garden, the dog was close to death.
She had an extremely high temperature, an ear infection, pus-filled eyes, and a severe case of mange (a skin disease caused by parasitic mites).
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Wanda had been thrown over a fence and left to die. If she hadn’t have been found in time, she would have died alone, scared, and in pain, shortly after she had given birth to puppies.
But Wanda was lucky.
She was found and handed over to Ravenswood Pet Rescue, who quickly took her to the vet to get a sense of the damage that had been done.
There, it was worked out that Wanda would need some serious care – and that care would require some funds.
Shelley Ridgan, who works at Ravenswood Pet Rescue, decided to set up a GoFundMe page to cover …