HUDSON HEIGHTS — A handful of locals are taking over a neighborhood coffee shop for the day, giving the staff a chance to celebrate its five-year run and enjoy a beach day. 
Coffee Buunni, located on 213 Pinehurst Ave., is letting regulars take over the counter on Wednesday in honor of the shop’s five-year anniversary. The founders, co-owner Sarina Prabasi said, are taking the five-member staff to the beach for the first time since opening. 
“We wanted to do something nice for the staff. We’re open seven days a week, from morning to evening,” said Prabasi. “It’s not very often that we get the whole team together.”
Prabasi, who runs the coffee shop with her husband, Elias Gurmu, said the two initially thought about closing for the day, until one customer suggested that patrons run the shop.
“One of our regular customers, [Melody Morrow] said, ‘the Buunni regulars could take over the shop while you guys are away,” Prabasi said. …