One million dollars will be distributed between four local organizations, coming from what his friends call, “a humble man with a heart of gold.”
Jim Mantyla led a humble life as the Owner and CEO of Glenwood Beer for nearly 20 years.  He died suddenly of a heart attack back in April, but Mantyla is leaving more than a successful company behind.  A charitable foundation is giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the places that impacted his life.
John Stefanik, President of Glenwood Beer, tells us, “he’d always say, ‘I came naked I’m leaving naked, but I am leaving what I got,’ so that’s the kind of guy he was, he was just straight up your buddy”.
Through the foundation, St. Peter Cathedral will receive $100,000 for renovations to the church.  Gannon University will receive $250,000 to start the James Mantyla Memorial Scholarship, Cathedral Prep. will receive $250,000 that will provide $5,000 …