HAGGERSTON, LONDON, UK, AUGUST 9th 2017. Lead baker Damon Boyle pictured making bread with the trainee bakers at Better Health Bakery in Haggerston, London, August 9th 2017. The bakery is a charitable artisan bakery and social enterprise which brings the community together by promoting locally produced food and providing three month trainee placements to adults recovering from mental ill health. Photo credit: Susannah Ireland

It’s the warmth that hits you first.
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Not just the heat from the ovens, or the room temperature needed to make the dough rise, but the people – greeting every customer that walks in with a cheery hello and a (usually correct) guess at the loaf or pastry they fancy.
As one regular asks for a loaf of olive and herb, she looks down, notices the tahini and honey buns lining the counter, and decides she’ll treat herself. To that and a slice of banana bread, thanks.
After a chat about the rain and her hair appointment (always the way, right?), she’s off, and the trainees get back to kneading their dough.
This is the Better Health Bakery.
As part of the Centre for Better Health, it’s a bakery that’s using the simple act of making bread to help those recovering from mental …