Let’s take a moment to congratulate 37-year-old Charles Pask – who gave himself a goal, stuck to it, and lost an incredible amount of weight in a healthy way.
Charles has celebrated his accomplishment by taking a bath. That’s his first bath in 20 years, as he’d previously struggled to fit in his tub, so it’s more of a joy than it might sound.
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At 33 stones and 7.5lbs, and with a BMI almost three times over what it should be, Charles wasn’t happy.
He’d been offered weight loss surgery on the NHS, but turned it down because he didn’t want to lose his passion for food and cooking.
It was his friend’s diagnosis with cancer that motivated Charles to make a change.
In 2016, a friend was diagnosed with cancer. Distraught, Charles promised her he’d change his lifestyle and shift the weight once and for all, …