With the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor superfight less than two weeks away, some of the action on the sidelines is as intriguing as the bout itself. For example: The Maloof brothers are laying down some big money for Mayweather — and helping charity in the process.
Gavin and Joe Maloof, the former owners of the Sacramento Kings, feel pretty good about Mayweather’s chances to win. The brothers put down $880,000 on the 49-0 boxer, which is believed to be the biggest bet made so far. Whether they’ll donate the $160,000 winnings or total money amount (which includes both the initial bet and the winning payout) to various charities in the Vegas area is slightly unclear.
“We have a huge opportunity to help a lot of people in charities, so we decided to do it,” said Gavin in an interview with the Associated Press, via ABC News. “It’s a neat way to …