At first, Margaret Price thought the little ball of orange fur on the side of the road just up ahead was roadkill.
And then, a split-second later, she saw the little fluff of auburn crawl a few inches.
“I started yelling ‘kitten! kitten! kitten!,’ because, when you’re on a bike ride, you’re supposed to yell out things like gravel and hole,” said Price, who was riding the 55-mile route from New Albany to Gambier in her first Pelotonia.
Yelling “kitten! kitten! kitten!” isn’t in the Pelotonia handbook for riders, and required some quick thinking on the part of this novice rider.
“I stopped and everyone else stopped, and there was also a car that was coming along slowly and it stopped too and put on its blinkers,” said Price, an associate professor in the Department of English and Director, Disability Studies Program at The Ohio State University. She …