At 104 Eleanore Rubinstein might understandably want to slow down and look back on a life well lived.
Slow down?
Eleanore Rubinstein?
Every Tuesday, Rubinstein’s daughter drives her to Store to Door, a nonprofit in the heart of Southwest Portland’s Multnomah Village. The organization provides a personal shopping service for housebound seniors who live alone.
Rubinstein arrived not with a walker or cane, but with “Sophie,” her beloved Dachshund. After greeting the staff, all young enough to be her grandchildren, Rubinstein walked with purpose down a hallway and settled in at a desk in a backroom office.
For the next two hours, while Sophie lay near her, Rubinstein called the agency’s clients, adroitly managing the conversation while listening for clues that something had changed in their lives.
Before getting to the shopping list, the purpose of the call, Rubinstein added a personal touch by talking about the weather or what might seem to an observer nothing …