Carol has terrible manners. She throws herself at me by way of greeting. She shoves her head deep inside my handbag and snorts around in there for ages. Apparently, she has a taste for fine leather wallets but my bag disappoints. She puts her head on my knee and sighs. I scratch her ear. So cute, I think, until she opens her jaws wide, hacks up an almighty cough and blasts it into my face.
What’s to forgive? This time last year, she lived 24/7 in a concrete indoor pen in a sterile laboratory in Co Mayo where veterinary products were routinely tested on her. When the laboratory closed last summer, it was feared that Carol and around 650-odd Beagles and cats bred for scientific purposes would be destroyed. But the animal welfare charity, the ISPCA, intervened and persuaded the facility to rehome them.
The first batch of Beagles arrived, …