TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – A community coming together to help a family in need after a Tucson woman asked for help to clean her yard. 
On Wednesday, volunteers from all over town came together to lend a hand. 
In February, Jennifer Simmons’ husband was diagnosed with stage four laryngeal cancer. 
Simmons became the only income with little to no time off to take care of her home. 
But recently, she needed a lot of help. 
“I need them to renew my lease so I asked for help in clearing the yard so I can have a good home inspection,” says Simmons. 
After monsoonal storms hit the area – grass and weeds became waist high. She tells KGUN9 became overwhelmed with doing everything by herself. 
“It’s a hard pill to swallow but I asked for help and I put it on Facebook,” says Simmons. 
To her surprise more than 100 people responded. 
“This is so important for us to be here …