The woman who beat back a 35 year old man trying to abduct children, has told her amazing story.
Chelsi Sabbe operates the Tiny Treasures Licensed Daycare.  She says she spotted Kenneth John Tuesday morning as he approached two of her children at a playground.
She says he managed to grab one child and started running.  She caught him, jumped on his back and began to choke him until he dropped to the ground and released the child.
Before she could get all of the children to safety, he grabbed another child.  But Sabbe fought him off again.  And she managed to fight him off a third time when he tried to grab a third youngster.
Sabbe says she used her MMA training to beat the man, leaving him bloodied and bruised.  At one point, she says she went toe to toe with the full grown man.
Once the threat was over, Sabbe was checked …