DETROIT (WXYZ) – Her name is Myracle, and some people say what she has accomplished is miraculous.
Myracle Crosby came to school every day at Pershing High School in Detroit and learned as much as possible.  After getting all As her freshman year, she made a decision.
“Okay, I am going to be valedictorian,” said Miracle.
But there were obstacles.  Myracle’s family was often homeless. Many days seemed to be a struggle.
At one point the teen went to her high school principal, Shirley Brown.  She told her she didn’t know if she could succeed.
“She told me everything is going to be okay.  Just her believing in me made me push myself.”
Myracle then did it.  She became her class valedictorian.  Even that accomplishment didn’t leave her full of confidence.  She hesitated to apply for a college scholarship.
“My school counselor, she sat there and was like, you …