Riding a dirt bike is freedom for 28-year-old Danny Baird.
The Lowell man has been riding since he was a toddler.
“My dad got me on a three-wheeler when I was like three and then moved up to a little PW50. I started racing when I was four,” Baird said.
He hasn’t looked back since.
“I do it all. I drag race. I motor cross. I hill climb,” he said.
Watching him ride you would never guess that Baird is paralyzed.
“I remember laying there and instantly I knew what was up. I couldn’t feel my feet,” he said.
His bike ended up falling on top of him, leaving him paralyzed from his armpits down.
“What do they call it, a complete spinal cord injury or something? Like I said, I don’t even know. I don’t even really care what they call it. I am what I am and I just make the most of it, you know?” …