A poignant photo of a swaddled infant is going viral for its combination of heartbreak and hope. In the image, posted to Twitter by the baby’s aunt, the girl is nestled between her parents’ backs and their pair of tattooed angel wings — a memorial to the couple’s first child, who died at just 14 months.
“My sister & her husband got tattoos of angel wings after their son died 2 yrs ago. They had a baby girl in June,” wrote Grace Arend above the beautiful black-and-white photo. “This moves me to tears.”
The tweet, from Aug. 8, has been retweeted more than 19,000 times and received more than 67,000 likes; commenters have expressed joy and sadness through GIFs and through many brief admissions along the lines of “I’m crying.”
The baby in the photo is Claire, not quite 2 months old. Her parents are Steven and Gloria Kimmel of Kendallville, Ind., and …