One woman went out of her way to help the victim of a car accident in May and got the surprise of her life a few months later.
The Saturday morning before Mother’s Day, Julie Evans Schaferling was driving down FM1488 at 3 in the morning and came across a tragic scene.
A single car had left the road and ran into a pole. The driver, Caleb Trahan, had been partially thrown out of the car and was in critical condition. Instead of just calling 911 and continuing the down the road, Schaferling did everything she could to help him, with her skills as an ER doctor put to good use.
Schaferling called 911 and gave detailed information to the dispatcher, including that Trahan was trapped. Not only that, but she stayed with him until the entire response team arrived, including the Montgomery County Sheriff, Magnolia Fire Department, and Montgomery County Hospital District.
Once …