Melani Andrews walked into her local animal shelter and asked for “the oldest dog you have, and the one no one wants to adopt.”
Staff at the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California, knew just whom to introduce Andrews to. Jake is a 12-year-old dog who’d come in a couple of months earlier as a stray. He is suffering from bad skin, bad teeth and an untreatable, terminal cancer.
Jake’s a “good boy,” Front Street spokesperson Bobby Mann told TODAY. But because of his age and health problems, “he was overlooked.”
Andrews immediately thought Jake looked “cute.” The pair spent a little time together at the shelter before she rendered her decision: “He’s going to come home with me,” she said.
It’s been a hard year for Andrews. Her husband died in January, and her dog died a month later.
Andrews wanted to give a shelter dog a second chance, and also “wanted to …