Seven people were hurt when “alleged terrorists” drove into pedestrians in the Spanish seaside resort of Cambrils early Friday before being shot dead by security forces, just hours after a similar attack in nearby Barcelona.
An alleged thief has used a dog lead and collar to steal a beloved German Shepherd from its yard in Lilydale, in Melbourne’s north-east.
The man was seen on CCTV yesterday afternoon pulling up out the front of a home on Albert Hill Road in a silver Ford ute with roof racks.
The man, with a distinct tattoo on his right calf and on his forearm, then exits the car and allegedly chases the 18-month-old German Shepherd down with a lead.
Police told 9NEWS the dog has now been recovered by police this afternoon after a member of the public noticed the car in the CCTV at a Melbourne address. Authorities arrived at the property and recovered the dog.
The …