Jordan West is a true American hero. At the young age of sever years old she was able to raise enough money for her and 14 other children to have a “Princess Party” at Disney World. What even makes it even more special, is all invited were less fortunate and foster children.
Jordan and her mom, Olivia West, managed to raise over $10,000 for the Disney visit through fundraising.
“She’s really excited to interact with the girls,” Olivia West of Rochester, New York, told ABC News about her daughter. “She writes affirmations for these girls [that say], ‘You are beautiful, you are loved.’ That really touches me as a mom and I really hope that she continues thinking about others.”
Jordan is no stranger to helping others. Her two brothers, Jeremiah, age 10, and Joshua, age 12, run their own charitable organization. “Champions of Change” gives back to the less fortunate through charitable …