Reunited, and it feels so good.
That’s the memorable chorus from a late-1970s Peaches and Herb hit.
And while the song probably doesn’t translate well on the sousaphone, for Tacoma’s Pat Van Haren, a self-described “tuba guy,” it probably sounds just right.
That’s because Van Haren got his prized sousaphone back Wednesday night.
“I’m doing pretty darn well,” he told me the next morning, exuberance in his voice. “I’m driving around with my cherished sousaphone.”
“How did you get it back?” I asked, in moderate disbelief.
“Well,” he answered, “it’s a weird little story …”
Last month, I wrote about Van Haren’s heartbreak. His 1928 sousaphone, which he discovered in the music room of Ilwaco High School in 2013 and painstakingly restored in the years that followed, had been stolen from his garage while he was on vacation.
Strangely, it was the only thing taken. In Van Haren’s most dispirited moments, he feared it would be sold for …