Your retired life is for you to enjoy without worrying about jobs, paying taxes, businesses and families. But sometimes things do not always turn your way. What would you do if you were 65, divorced, no savings in the bank and no home? This is not a great situation for anybody.  Living on $800 a month sounds challenging only if you are young adult and studying in college. It is impossible to think how a 65 year-old woman is surviving under $800 a month in a car.
For this 64-year-old woman, it is possible to live in car with just $800 a month in hand.
A YouTuber named CheapRVliving just recently uploaded a video of a 64-year-old woman’s life who lives in car, and has just $800 to spend each month. To imagine how this is even possible for a woman of her age is astonishing.
Meet Dee, a  64-year-old woman, lives in a car …