Prosthetic hands are a functioning, every-day part of the wearer, so it’s important that they build self-confidence as well as improve physical capabilities. That’s why Joel Gibbard and the team at Open Bionics, a company that makes robotic hands, have teamed with Disney to create special bionic limbs inspired by well-loved movies. The designs resemble the sparkling glove of Frozen‘s Queen Elsa, Iron Man‘s high-tech armor, and Star Wars’ lightsabers. In the past, prosthetic limbs favored simpler designs, presumably in an effort to blend in. This set is then a game changer — why blend in when you can stand out?
Open Bionics is the brains behind a open source 3D-printed bionic hand, and they have royalty-free access to these film properties as part of the Techstars’ Disney Accelerator Program. Their goal is to produce a commercially viable prosthetic using the same 3D printing production techniques as the open source version, to keep the cost affordable.
These …