A Minneapolis patent law firm has dismissed an attorney after his partners were alerted to his ownership of a record label that releases music by neo-Nazi and white supremacist artists.
According to the City Pages, attorney Aaron Davis, a partner at Patterson Thuente had been placed on “administrative leave.” but now his biography has been scrubbed from the firm’s website due to his involvement with Behold Barbarity records.
Davis was outed over his connection to the label by the City Paper last week, with reporter Susan Du noting the subject matter and song names the label promotes.
“Take Deathkey, whose 2010 album is called Behead the Semite. Then there’s Aryanwulf, whose songs include ‘Kill the Jews’ and ‘At the Dawn of a New Aryan Empire,’” Du wrote. “There’s also the Raunchous Brothers, whose rhyming poetics include such passages as, ‘You’re of no use to me, you disgraceful f*cking dyke, so I’ll shove you …