An 18-year-old Winnipegger with cerebral palsy fulfilled a dream Tuesday as she rappelled down the side of a skyscraper in a wheelchair decked out with hula skirts, flower leis and a few pool noodles.
Allie Onslow was one of the participants in this year’s Easter Seals Drop Zone fundraiser in Winnipeg. On Tuesday afternoon she was on top of Manitoba Hydro Place, where she rappelled more than 80 metres straight down to the ground.
“I am extremely proud. Allie did an amazing job. I think she really enjoyed herself,” said her mom, Wendy Onslow, after the event.
She said they’d dressed up her daughter’s chair a bit for the occasion and added pool noodles to cushion any blows to the building.
Allie was nervous before the event but after she had made it to the ground safely, she was all smiles and said she would do it again next year.
The teenager had dreamed of taking part in the Drop Zone fundraiser since she was a child and …