The new CNBC original documentary “Ground Zero Rising: Freedom vs. Fear” explores the arc of the World Trade Center site from 9/11 to its ongoing revitalization. Correspondent Jim Cramer interviewed 9/11 survivors and One World Trade Center tenants — including Greg Carafello, the only twin towers tenant to move to the new building.
Greg Carafello volunteers five hours a week as a guide at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. His recollection of that day is vivid because he was there — when a hijacked airplane struck the north tower, Carafello was at work in the south tower running a small printing company. He was able to escape to safety within 20 minutes. “All of the difference between the first plane and the second plane,” Carafello said.
Carafello survived, but he lost a dear friend that day.
“Jimmy, his name was James Martello, and …