HONG KONG, Aug 9 — Jet Li has donated HK$5.8 million (RM3.17 million) to the family of his stunt double, Liu Kun, who was killed on the set of The Expendables 2 in 2011.
While there has been no official comment, Hong Kong entertainment sites reported that the martial arts star had intended for the donation to remain a private one.
It is unclear when the donation was made, but the news comes after Liu’s parents, Liu Zong Yu Liu and Bai Yan Mei, were awarded a meagre HK$195,000 after a protracted court battle lasting four years.
They had filed a wrongful death lawsuit in 2012 against Millennium Films and the movie’s stunt coordinator, following their son’s death in October 2011.
The 26-year-old stuntman, who came from Shangxi Province, lost his life while filming on the Ognyanovo dam in Bulgaria.
He died from wounds he suffered from an on-set explosion nearby.
At the time of Liu’s death, the …