A tremendous display of sportsmanship occurred during Venezuela’s 3-2 walk-off win over the Dominican Republic during the Little League World Series on Monday. Just minutes after giving up a walk-off hit, Edward Uceta of the D.R. was consoled by opposing coaches and players while still on the mound.
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As you can see, the Dominican Republic held a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the sixth inning. With two men on base, Omar Romero hit a triple to bring home both the tying run and the go-ahead run to win the game.
Immediately after the play, Uceta collapses on the pitcher’s mound. As some of the members of the Venezuelan team are celebrating, a few of the coaches notice Uceta sobbing on the ground. They go over to him, pick him up, offer words of encouragement and hug him. Uceta also received a …