Last week we brought you the story of a man who had made his dog his very own room under the stairs.
That was pretty impressive.
Is the Ouai dry shampoo foam worth the faff?
But this doghouse might just top it.
For the last two years, Aaron Franks has been building a mini mansion for his four pit bulls: Tessa, Bruno, Coupe, and Mia.
It’s now, finally, complete. And it’s absolutely incredible.
The resulting mansion for all four dogs to lounge, play, eat, and snooze, has a mini pool, a garden with a fire hydrant, a water dispenser, and plenty of cushions for the dogs to relax upon.
‘My love for dogs is what inspired me,’ Aaron told ‘I feel like after all they have done for me I wanted to do something special for them.
Aaron built the mini mansion off the side of the deck of the family home. When the dogs …