Doctors in Navi Mumbai have successfully replaced a 35-year-old factory worker’s lost thumb with a toe.
In April, Rishi Kurne lost the thumb of his right hand when it got caught in a machine at the factory where he works.
After the injury, he feared that he would lose his job and his family of five was staring at a financial disaster.
But doctors came to his rescue. They told him that his thumb was crushed beyond repair and had to be amputated. The wound had to be covered with skin to prevent infection.
“Initially, when the patient approached us we used some skin from the abdomen to graft the thumb,” said Dr Vinod Vij, a Navi Mumbai-based cosmetic surgeon who treated Kurne.
While the surgery provided some immediate relief, Kurne was unable to work as he couldn’t handle machines or hold equipment without a functional thumb. “It was a difficult phase to manage …