A Muslim man offered hugs to passing strangers in Las Ramblas in a show of unity after the Barcelona terror attack.
The man invited passers-by to embrace him on the street where Isis militants ploughed into crowds killing 13 people last week.
He stood by a sign that read: “I am Muslim, I am not a terrorist. I share hugs of love and peace.”
The words were written in Catalan, Spanish, English, Arabic and French.
Footage of the unidentified man hugging strangers has been viewed more than 7.7m times since it was posted on Facebook on Sunday.
“He hugged my daughter and asked her forgiveness many times,” Sanda Hernandez, from Barcelona, told El Pais.
Another woman who encountered the man wrote on Facebook: “When I hugged him, he asked me to forgive him.
“No innocent person should have to be forced to apologise for something he has not done. I was only able to cry and thank …