A Texas golden retriever mix carrying a large bag of dog food following Harvey has gone viral.
A Texas woman’s photo of a dog appearing to carry an entire bag of dog food — in the hours after Harvey barrelled through the state, leaving behind a trail of devastation — has gone viral, illustrating the impact that severe storms can play on pets as well. 
Local resident Tiele Dockens told weather.com that she was surveilling the damage from Harvey around Sinton, which is located just outside of Corpus Christi, when she spotted Otis, a golden retriever mix, carrying the large bag.
“We are a population of about 6,000,” Dockens explained to weather.com. “We were out today clearing tree limbs from streets. Families are already starting to clean up. Our town is still out of water and power. I was driving around checking on family and friends’ properties that decided to evacuate. Otis was strolling the streets …