She could see the plume of smoke in the distance all day, but at night, it got even worse.
“During the day, they had bombers [dousing the fire with water] and when it got dark, they stopped. And then the whole ridge from our place just went up in flames.”
This year’s wildfire season has become British Columbia’s worst on record. Since April 1, close to 1,100 fires have destroyed more than 1 million hectares (nearly 2.5 million acres) at a cost of $377 million. And 45,000 people have been forced out of their homes since early July.
Landry was one of them. On the evening of July 6, she and her neighbors decided to evacuate.
On July 6, Lynn Landry could see a column of smoke in the distance from a nearby forest fire. The fire advanced until it consumed the ridge near her house and she had to evacuate.
Landry and her husband took their four border …