A new class of drugs which could prevent thousands of heart attacks and deaths from cancer has been hailed as the biggest breakthrough since statins.
Scientists last night said the discovery ushered in “a new era of therapeutics” which work in an entirely different way to conventional treatment.
As well as cutting the risk of a heart attack by one quarter, the drugs halved the chances of dying from cancer and protected against gout and arthritis.
Cholesterol-busting statins are given to millions of adults deemed to be at risk of heart disease.
Now scientists have found that reducing inflammation in the body can protect against a host of conditions – with a “really dramatic effect” on cancer deaths.
The drug canakinumab, given by injection every three months – cut repeat heart attacks by one quarter. Statins cut the risk by around 15 per cent.
Experts said the findings have “far-reaching” implications for the 200,000 people a …